Helen Shipman (Helen Phyllis Shipman)

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Helen Shipman was born in Pennsylvania, USA in 1899 (the exact month and day is in question). Her obituary in 1984 (which was written by her husband, Edward J. Pawley) stated that she was 85, which would have made her birth in the year 1899. Other newspaper articles also reveal that she was born in 1899. Helen was the daughter of William H. and Annie L. (Mitchell) Shipman. Her mother, Annie, was a stage actress of some note. By the age of 12, Helen was recognized as one of the foremost child impersonators (of various stars) of the early 1900s. Read more...


Character: Member of Welcoming Trio

Meet the Baron 1933

Character: Marietta Franini

Naughty Marietta 1935

Character: Ice Skater Whose Feet Hurt

Wife vs. Secretary 1936

Character: Prisoner's Wife

The House Across the Bay 1940