Heinz Drache

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Essen, Germany
This actor's chief claim to fame lies in being the most in-vogue screen cop of post-war German cinema. He first established his reputation in the role of the charismatic Inspector Yates in Francis Durbridge's miniseries Das Halstuch (1962), which hit an impressive eighty percent in TV ratings. He continued in the same vein (same part, same crew cut, different names) apprehending villains in a series of Edgar Wallace potboilers with lurid titles evocative of the genre: The Avenger (1960), The Indian Scarf (1963), Coffin from Hong Kong (1964), Again the Ringer (1965) and Der Hund von Blackwood Castle (1968), among others. Read more...


Character: Komponist Peter Martens

Bei Dir war es immer so schön 1954

Character: Humphrey Connery

Der Hund von Blackwood Castle 1968

Character: Graf Alexander von Wildberg-Reutlingen

Jenseits des Regenbogens 2001

Character: Herbert von Pohl

The Rest Is Silence 1959