Hans Unterkircher

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Graz, Austria-Hungary
Hans Unterkircher's stage appearances began after his study in Conservatorium of Vienna. He played in Vienna, in the Province and at the Max Reinhardt Theater in Berlin. In 1914, Reinhardt asked him to go to New York City. There he played at the Irving Place Theater. Mr. Carl Laemmle gave him a job in 1916 and a contract with the Universal International Studio in Hollywood. He played then with Stars like Edith Roberts, Mae Murray and Theda Bara. He also discovered the young, good-looking and without money Italian, Rudolph Valentino. Read more...


Character: Arthur Kinsky, Präsident des philatelistischen Kongresses

Jenny und der Herr im Frack 1941

Character: Oberstleutnant Kramer

K. und k. Feldmarschall 1956