Gert Wilden (Gerhart Alfred Wychodil)

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Mährisch Trübau, Moravia, Austria-Hungary [now Moravska Trebova, Czech Republic]
German film and TV show composer Gert Wilden was born as Gert Wychodil on April 15, 1917 in Moravska Trebova, Czechoslovakia. Wilden studied conduction and composition at the Prague Conservatorium under the expert tutelage of George Szell, Fritz Rieger, and Fidelio Fincke. In the late 40s Gert composed and arranged music for most German radio stations. In addition, Wilden worked as a ghost writer in collaboration with Michael Jary, H.M. Majewski, Alfred Newman, and Victor Young. He first began composing film scores in the mid 50s. Read more...