Georges Boulanger (Gheorghe Pantazi)

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Tulcea, Romania
Georges Boulanger born in Tulcea, Romania, on April 18, 1893. Since he was twelve, he studied at the Musical Conservatoire in Bucharest. In 1926 after playing for the first time before a radio broadcasting station's microphone, Boulanger signed a contract with Bote & Bock for editing seven works, among them, Avant de Mourir, which was, later on, known as My Prayer (as edited with Kennedy's letters). Georges Boulanger has performed about 200 works for hall music as well as radio and records. Most of his works last 5 or 6 minutes. Some of them are even shorter. Read more...


Character: Ein bekannter Geiger

Der tolle Bomberg 1932

Character: Mit sein Ensemble

Der ewige Klang 1943