Gale Henry (Gale Trowbridge)

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Bear Valley, California, USA
Eccentric, big-nosed, lugubrious-faced purveyor of silent screen slapstick, at one time billed as 'the elongated comedienne'. She was even suggested to have served as the model for 'Olive Oyl' of Popeye comic strip fame. An actual cartoon version of her was in fact featured in the British publication Film Fun. Gale started as a singer for the Temple Opera Company at the Century Theatre in Los Angeles. On screen from 1915, she first starred in a series of short comedies for independent producer Pat Powers, followed by the 'Joker' series at Universal opposite Augustus Carney and Billy Franey. Read more...


Character: Mrs. Cecil's Daughter

Mr. Bride 1932

Character: Mortified Vocalist

Now We'll Tell One 1932