Frederick Chapin

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Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Frederick (or Frederic) Chapin had two careers: he was the composer who wrote the score for L. Frank Baum's 1905 stage musical "The Woggle-Bug" and a number of other shows in that era, including "The Storks" (1902), "Pussy in a Corner" (1904), "The Forbidden Land" (1904), "The American Girl" (1906) and "The Maid and the Millionaire" (1907). For the last of these, Chapin wrote the book and lyrics as well as the music--an expansion from music to words that would mark his later career as Hollywood screenwriter, although he returned to composing music in 1938 for the nudist romance Unashamed (1938). Read more...


Character: Younger Doolittle

Made for Each Other 1939