Freddie Mills

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Parkstone, Dorset, England, UK
"Fearless" Freddie Mills was born on June 26, 1919 in Bournemouth, England. In 1936, at the age of 17, he began a highly successful and colorful professional boxing career which made him the "darling" of the British fight scene. At 5' 10" and 175lbs., Mills was noted for his hard-charging, straight ahead style of brawling. It took 6 years for him to break into the world rankings. But in 1942 at the height of World War II, he knocked out Len Harvey in 2 rounds to capture the British Commonwealth Light heavyweight Championship. Read more...


Character: Harry the Scar

Fun at St. Fanny's 1956

Character: Waxy Lister

Kill Me Tomorrow 1957