Fred M. Wilcox (Fred McLeod Wilcox)

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Tazewell, Virginia, USA
Fred McLeod Wilcox was born in Tazewell, Virginia, on December 22, 1906, one of six children born to James Wilcox, a Kentucky optometrist and drugstore owner, who was married six times, twice to one woman. His six children were from his first wife.

Wilcox's six siblings (his father adopted his niece after the death of his sister in 1912) included actress Ruth Selwyn (born Ruth Wilcox), who was married to producer/director/writer/playwright Edgar Selwyn, one of the founders of Goldwyn Pictures, and former showgirl Pansy Wilcox Schenck (Mrs. Nicholas M. Schenck), who was married to Loew's Inc. Read more...