Frankie Carle (Francis Nunzio Carlone)

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Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Pianist, songwriter ("Sunrise Serenade", "Oh What It Seemed to Be"), conductor, author and composer. He began his career as the music director of a touring vaudeville unit, then joined the orchestras of Mal Hallett and Horace Heidt as pianist. In 1944, he led his own orchestra, playing theatres, ballrooms and hotels. Thereafter he founded piano studios across America and published piano instructional books. He made many records, and had his own radio and television programs. Joining ASCAP in 1940, he collaborated musically with Al Frisch, Fred Wise, Jack Lawrence, Al Avola, Mack David, Bennie Benjamin and George David Weiss. Read more...


Character: Frankie, Pianist

Pot o' Gold 1941

Character: Leader of the Frankie Carle Orchestra

Make Mine Laughs 1949

Character: Himself - Bandleader

The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse 1948