Francesca Poston (Francesca Guyaine Poston)

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Francesca Poston was born in New York City, New York. Her parents are actor Tom Poston and actress/dancer Jean Sullivan. At age 3, she moved with her mother to Majorca, Spain, returning a year later. At age 5, she again moved with her mother, this time to Rome, Italy and was enrolled in an Italian school for the year. Returning to New York, she attended "L'Ecole Francaise", a bilingual school where all the classes were taught in both French and English. Read more...


Character: Vampire / Star Rock / Mr. Boogalow's Receptionist / Keyboard Player in 'BIM' Band / One of Ashley's 'Lap-mates' at Mr. Boogalow's Penthouse Party

The Apple 1980

Character: Madam in Saloon

Hidalgo 2004