Eva Bartok (Eva Ivanova Szöke)

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Budapest, Hungary
Eva Bartok was both a beautiful lady and a talented actor whose roots were in classical theater. Her first and only film in Hungary, Mezei próféta (1947) ("Prophet of the Fields"), was banned by communist censorship. Actually her life up to that point had been marked by confusion and tragedy. Her father,a Jew who had married a Catholic lady, disappeared without a trace during the rise of Nazism in Europe and Eva, herself, was forced to marry a Nazi officer at age 15 in order to avoid being sent to a concentration camp. Read more...


Character: Adriana Medova

Venetian Bird 1952

Character: Paula Wendt

The Gamma People 1956

Character: Maria Martelli

Ten Thousand Bedrooms 1957

Character: Gina Bergold

Ohne dich wird es Nacht 1956