Enzo Turco

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Naples, Campania, Italy
Enzo Turco was one of the best stooges in the first 30s and 40s, expecially for the Italian comic actor, Nino Taranto. Very exuberant and spontaneous he worked for the theater, he belonged to the tradition of Neapolitan theatre. He worked also for the cinema in the middle of the 40s, but especially in secondary role and in brilliant comedies. Probably his best performences were in the films with Toto', "Miseria e Nobilta'" and "Toto'turco napoletano". In the last years of his career he worked only for television and for the cinema. His cameo role in "Camorra" was his last work. Read more...


Character: Brigadiere Nocella

I ladri 1959

Character: Magri

Vacanze d'inverno 1959