Elwyn Jones (Elwyn John Jones)

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Cwmaman, Glamorgan, Wales, UK
Born at 27 Byron Street, Cwmaman, Aberdare, Glamorgan, Wales, UK. Son of Evan Edwin Jones and Olwen Jones (née Evans). Pupil, Cwmaman Elementary School, 1930-1935; Pupil, Aberdare County School for Boys, 1935-1942 (Head Boy, 1941-1942); Student, London School of Economics, 1942-1944; Journalist (reporter, then Features Editor) "News Review", 1944-1950; Journalist, "Radio Times", 1950-1957 (Assistant to Literary Editor, then Television Editor,1950-1957); Producer and scriptwriter, BBC Television 1957-1966 (Administrator to Head of Drama, 1957-195X, Deputy Head of Documentary Drama, 195X-1961, Assistant Head of Drama, 1961-1963, Head Of Drama, Series, 1963-1966). Read more...