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Marburg an der Drau, Austria-Hungary [now Maribor, Slovenia]
The Viennese Nightingale: Though Miss Elfie Mayerhofer was always completely Viennese in spirit and culture, she was born in Marburg, Yugoslavia on March 15, 1917 and educated there as a child. She began her studies of music in her homeland and then went for further studies in Zürich under Prof. Fred Husler and in Vienna. In 1935 at the Berlin High School of Music under Prof. Lula Mysz-Gmeiner she was a student along with Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and Peter Anders, who later on married the daughter of Prof. Mysz-Gmeiner. Mayerhofer's first professional engangement was with the theater of youth in Münich and Berlin. Read more...


Character: Inge Gulden

Das himmelblaue Abendkleid 1941

Character: Mimi Mira

Die Landstreicher 1968

Character: Die Wiener Nachtilall zu besuch im Kino

Bellaria - So lange wir leben! 2002