Doris Davenport (Doris Davenport)

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Moline, Illinois, USA
Doris Davenport was born in Moline, IL, but grew up in Hollywood. Samuel Goldwyn gave her the part of Eddie Cantor's sweetheart in the famous ice cream factory scene (sung by Ethel Merman, Cantor, Davenport, Warren Hymer and Children's Chorus) after he saw her work as a Goldwyn Girl. As Doris Jordan, she tested for the part of Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind (1939) and was one of the finalists. That test interested Goldwyn enough to cast her opposite Gary Cooper in The Westerner (1940) where she did good work. Read more...


Character: Nora aka 'Toots'

Kid Millions 1934

Character: Actress 'The Westerner'

Hollywood: The Great Stars 1963

Character: Jane Ellen Mathews

The Westerner 1940