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Simonton, Texas, USA
Dobie Gray was born on July 26, 1940, to a family of sharecroppers in Simonton, Texas (some sources cite Brookshire, Texas, as Gray's place of birth, but he claimed on his official website that he hails from Simonton. Moreover, his birth name has been variously cited as either Lawrence Victor Ainsworth or Laurence Darrow Brown). Gray's Baptist minister grandfather introduced him to gospel music. Dobie also listened to country/western and rhythm-and-blues music as a kid.

He moved to Los Angeles in the early 1960s. His seventh recorded single, "Look at Me", was his first chart success. Read more...


Character: Himself

Out of Sight 1966

Character: Himself

My Music: The 70s 2007

Character: Himself

Soulful Sixties 2004