David Aboussafy

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Dr. David Aboussafy is a Vancouver based clinical and rehabilitation psychologist, writer, producer, and actor.

David Aboussafy has written two fictionalized memoirs, "The Allan" about rakish clinical intern in Montreal, and "Medicolegal" detailing a Vancouver psychologist's descent into madness, which he is currently adapting into graphic novels.

As a psychologist, he has peer-reviewed psychology publications most recently "Phantoms in the brain revisited: what blindsight and subconscious empathy may tell us about neuronal correlates of consciousness."

A longtime fan of offbeat horror, noir, and graphic novels, David Aboussafy has become active producing and co-producing genre projects. Read more...


Character: Rich Guy 2

Nightwing: Prodigal Son 2014

Character: Dr. James Elder the Scientist

The Evil in Us 2015

Character: Satan's Own #10

Frankenstein Created Bikers 2016