Dan Greenburg

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Chicago, Illinois, USA
Graduate of University of Illinois (B.F.A., 1958) and UCLA (M.A., 1960). Former award-winning ad copywriter (Ad. Writers Association of NY Silver Key Awards, 1964 and 1972) for LA's Lansdale and Carson/Roberts companies, then NY's Papert, Koening, Lois agency. Also managing editor of Eros Magazine, 1962 -1963, which, no doubt, inspired his later contributions to the nude musical, "Oh, Calcutta" (1972). Achieved national acclaim with his bestseller, "How to Be a Jewish Mother", in 1964. This was followed by "Scoring: A Sexual Memoir", 1972; "Something's There: My Adventures in the Occult", 1976; and "Confessions of a Pregnant Father", 1987. Read more...


Character: Clum

'Doc' 1971