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Chicago, Illinois, USA
Clara Kimball Young was born Clarisa Kimball on September 6, 1890, to Edward Kimball and the former Mrs. E.M. Kimball, traveling stock company actors with the Holden Co. Though she claimed Chicago as her birthplace, there are no records of her being born in Cook County--which includes Chicago--and she may have been born on one of her parents' tours. Her parents lived in Benton Harbor, Michigan, where her birth name Clarisa changed from the 1890 census to Clairee in the one of 1900, though she once claimed her birth name was Edith. Read more...


Character: Gina Ashling

Eyes of Youth 1919

Character: Mrs. Henrietta Post

Kept Husbands 1931

Character: Mlle. Fleurette Malevinsky

Romance in the Rain 1934

Character: Actress 'The Eyes of Youth'

Hollywood 1980