Carla Camurati (Carla de Andrade Camurati)

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Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Carla Camurati was born on 14 October 1960 and worked as a biology teacher before she became an actress. Her first film was "O Olho Mágico do Amor" (1981). For this work she got a prize of Best Supporting Actress. She then begun a successful career on television working in soap operas like "Sol de Verão" (1982), "Livre para Voar" (1984) and "Fera Radical" (1988). In 1983 she took photos for Playboy. In 1985 she got a Gramado Prize for her role in "A Estrela Nua". In 1987 she won the Kikito prize for her role in "Eternamente Pagu". Read more...