Bulat Okudzhava (Bulat Shalvovich Okudzhava)

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Moscow, Russian SFSR, USSR [now Russia]
Bulat Shalvovich Okudzhava (Okudjava) was born on May 9, 1924, in Moscow, Soviet Union. His father, named Shalva Okudjava, was a ranking member of the Communist Party in Tbilisi, Georgia; he came to Moscow for a career, but was arrested and executed in 1937, during the "Great Terror" under dictatorship of Joseph Stalin. His mother was imprisoned in the Gulag-camp for 18 years. Young Okudzhava was raised by his grandmother in Tbilisi. He volunteered for the Red Army during the Second World War and served in the front-lines as infantry; he was severely wounded and decommissioned in 1944. Read more...