Benjamin-Lew Klon

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Born 1983 in Dusseldorf, Germany. He began acting as a child at the Dusseldorfer Schauspielhaus. He worked from 1991 until 1998 with the following directors: W. Minks, W. Schroeter, J. Lux, F.-X. Kroetz, D. Altenbeck (lead as "John" in "Das Kryptogram" by David Mamet). From 2002 on he studied media and cultural studies (MA) at the Heinrich Heine University, made short films and founded the first film festival in Dusseldorf. After finishing his bachelor thesis on Wong Kar-Wai and Gilles Deleuze in 2006 he went to New York City and worked as a production assistant for the feature film "Funny Games U.S. Read more...


Character: Onkel Myloch

Let's Go! 2014

Character: Holger Kanter

Robin Hood 2013