Ben Lackland (Benjamin Singleton Lackland)

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Waco, Texas, USA
Ben Lackland came to New York in 1925 to study at the Theater Guild School and lived in Manhattan until 1958. During his career, he appeared in many plays with such figures as Josephine Hull, Walter Hampden, Ruth Gordon, Otis Skinner and Ethel Barrymore. He met his future wife, stage actress Marjorie Dulin, during the Lakeland Players' production of "Yes, My Darling Daughter" in Maine, and he played in thirty Broadway productions before switching to the infant medium of television in 1946. Read more...


Character: Commissioner Thomas Benson James

Boomerang! 1947

Character: Alfred Chickering

The Phil Silvers Show 1955

Character: L.B. Winckler

Mister Peepers 1952