Arthur Tracy (Abba Avrom Tracovutsky)

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Kamenets-Podolsky, Russian Empire [now Kamianets-Podilskyi, Khmelnytskyi Oblast, Ukraine]
Arthur Tracy was one of the most famous of all recording stars of the 1930s and '40s. With his suave style and sentimental ballads he captured the hearts of housewives in both America and Great Britain. His voice was both a baritone and a tenor, which he described as "bari-tenor", and he claimed that the biggest influence on his singing was Enrico Caruso.

Born in the Ukraine, he emigrated to America at the age of six with his parents. The family was poor and he received little education and no musical training. Read more...


Character: Arthur Tracy - The Street Singer

Rambling 'Round Radio Row #4 1932

Character: Pickle Stand Customer #1

Crossing Delancey 1988