Arne Bendiksen (Arne Joachim Bendiksen)

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Bergen, Norway
Multi-talented actor, singer, writer and composer, a very popular entertainer in Norway for almost sixty years.

Best remembered for his participation in a song-group called "The Monn Keys". He appeared in films, Radio and TV shows, and wrote many popular songs, often promoting new and talented artists.

He was a mainstay in the Norwegian final of The Eurovision Song Contest, and his contributions often became the winner.

Also known for his large collection of Norwegian popular music, like many rare recordings and other historical material. Read more...


Character: Kenny, umilitært individ

Operasjon Løvsprett 1962

Character: Himself - Norwegian Entry: 8th Place

The Eurovision Song Contest 1964

Character: Himself - Norwegian Entry: 7th Place

The Eurovision Song Contest 1973