Anthony Havelock-Allan (Anthony James Allan Havelock-Allan)

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Darlington, Durham, England, UK
Anthony Havelock-Allan produced some of the best known and critically acclaimed films of British cinema, including In Which We Serve (1942), Brief Encounter (1945), Blithe Spirit (1945) and Great Expectations (1946). The films were commercial triumphs for Two Cities and Cineguild production companies, making Havelock-Allan one of the most influential producers in the British film industry. He is also remembered for two films he made starring his then-wife Valerie Hobson: the melodrama Blanche Fury (1948) and The Hideout (1948), which introduced Howard Keel to the screen.

Born at Blackwell Manor, near Darlington, England, Havelock-Allan was educated at Charterhouse. Read more...