Anne Caldwell (Anna Payson Caldwell)

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Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Actress, songwriter ("I Know That You Know"), singer, librettist and author, educated in public schools. She began her career as a singer with the Juvenile Opera Company, and later wrote the Broadway stage scores for "The Canary" and "The City Chap"; and she was librettist for "Pom-Pom", "She's a Good Fellow", "The Night Boat", "The Sweetheart Shop", and "Good Morning Dearie", and the co-librettist for "Chin Chin", "Jack o' Lantern", "Tip Top", "Hitchy Koo of 1921", "The Bunch and Judy", "Stepping Stones", "Criss Cross", "Oh, Please!", and "Three Cheers". Read more...