Angie Chiu

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Hong Kong
Angie Chiu became an air stewardess for Japan Airline after graduating from high school in Hong Kong. In 1973 she entered the first Miss Hong Kong Pagent by Hong Kong's TVB, and was the first runner up. This introduced her to the entertainment industry. In the late 70's she was one of the four hottest actresses for TVB. Her works included mostly kung fu TV series opposite Adam Cheng. Then came 'The Bund' (aka Shang Hai Tan or Shanghai Beach) opposite Chow Yun-Fat (1980), where she portrayed Fung Ching Ching, considered her classic role. She also made TV series in Taiwan. Read more...


Character: Ng Yuk-hing

Sai kwan dai siu 2003

Character: Li Yuen

Fung gip 1979