Angelina Stepanova (Angelina Iosifovna Stepanova)

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Nikolayevsk, Primorskaya Oblast, Russian Empire [now Nikolayevsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk Krai, Russia]
Angelina Stepanova was a notable actress of Moscow Art Theatre known as Anna Sherer in War and Peace (1966) by director Sergey Bondarchuk.

She was born Angelina Iosifovna Stepanova on November 23, 1905, in Nikolaevsk-na Amure, Russian Empire (now Nikolaevsk-na Amure, Russia). Her father, Iosif Stepanov, was an insurance agent, her mother, Maria Vladimirovna, was a dentist. From 1921 - 1924 Angelina Stepanova studied acting under Evgeni Vakhtangov at 3rd Studio of Moscow Art Theatre, making her stage debut in the legendary Vakhtangov's staging of Carlo Gozzi's comedy 'Princess Turandot'. Read more...