André Lefaur (Andre Lefaurichon)

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Paris, France
André Lefaur is undeniably part of the pantheon of French actors. One of those "eccentrics of the French Cinema" as Raymond Chirat and Olivier Barrot quite rightly dubbed them. One of these wonderful personalities of the stage and screen who alongside Michel Simon, Louis Jouvet, Saturnin Fabre, Raimu and several others have such a strong personality, such a personal style that they are absolutely inimitable. Just like the actors mentioned above, André Lefaur was first and foremost André Lefaur. Which does not mean that he did not make the character he played believable. Quite the contrary. Read more...


Character: Le vieux Gaspard

Parade en 7 nuits 1941

Character: Le général Mikhaïl Ouratieff

Tovaritch 1935