Aleksandra Pakhmutova (Aleksandra Nikolayevna Pakhmutova)

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Beketovka, Nizhne-Volzhskyi Krai, Russian SFSR, USSR [now Volgograd, Russia]
Composer Alexandra N. Pakhmutova was born on November 9, 1929 near Stalingrad (now Volgograd), the Soviet Union. She began playing the piano and composing music at an early age. Although WW2 interrupted her studies, Pakhmutova moved to Moscow, where she was admitted to the Moscow Conservatoire's central musical school - the educational establishment which gave the world such renowned musicians as Rostropovich, Kogan, Rozhdestvensky, and many others. In 1953, Alexandra Pakhmutova graduated from the Moscow Conservatoire, and in 1956 she finished the post-graduate course led by the outstanding composer Vissarion Shebalin. Read more...