Akio Isono

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Isono Akio was born in Tsurumi, near Yokohama in 1910. His family were engaged in the newspaper sales business. Later he moved to Asakusa in Tokyo and graduated from Miimi Elementary School. In 1917 at the age of seven, he became a pupil of Hanayanagi Shotaro, who was known as a great actor of the new school, and trod the boards for the first time in child roles at the Hongoza theater. After that he went on to perform in all the theaters run by Shochiku. Read more...


Character: Takimura

Hana kurenai ni 1957

Character: Ichiro Aoyama - Yuki's husband

Karumen kokyo ni kaeru 1951

Character: Saburô Kurita

I Will Buy You 1956