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1/80’s Metal band from Chicago. Energetic Priest/Maiden-inspired metal.

2/Based in Perth - Western Australia-

Thrust is a jazz/funk quartet.

Pete Jeavons: Bass / Vocals
Konrad Park: Drums / Vocals
Luke Savage: Keyboards / Vocals
Simon Jeans: Guitar / Vocals

Musically, Thrust draws influence from not only funk and jazz but also from rock, hip-hop, drum-n-bass and world music. Live shows are highly energetic and feature strong elements of improvisation.

3/A Canadian rapper.

Video with Thrust

Video with Thrust - Happy Call

Happy Call

Video with Thrust - So Amazing

So Amazing

Video with Thrust - Overdrive


Video with Thrust - Metallic Attack

Metallic Attack

Albums by Thrust

Thrust - Parade of Idiot's

Parade of Idiot's

Thrust - We Can All Be Free

We Can All Be Free

Thrust - Invitation to Insanity

Invitation to Insanity