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Les Escrocs

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Les Escrocs - two (are there more?) different bands.

3. Les Escrocs is a french folk-pop band.

2. Les Escrocs is a rap and hiphop band from Mali, consisting of Mamadou Tounkara and Salim Díallo. They started 1996 and mix tradtional instruments, like balafon, tamani, djembe, n’goni and calebash with modern beats and texts that are social and political.

Albums: Saara (1998), Kokadjé (2000), Kalan (2001), CAN (2002), Ben (2003) and Mandika Rap from Mali (2005). Mamadou Tounkara made a solo album in 2005, Koumba et Sané.

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Video with Les Escrocs - Assedic


Albums by Les Escrocs

Les Escrocs - Mandinka Rap from Mali

Mandinka Rap from Mali

Les Escrocs - Faites-Vous Des Amis

Faites-Vous Des Amis

Les Escrocs - Six Pieds Sur Terre

Six Pieds Sur Terre

Les Escrocs - C'est Dimanche

C'est Dimanche

Les Escrocs - Le Bal Des Vilains

Le Bal Des Vilains