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Lea DeLaria (born May 23, 1958 at Belleville, Illinois) is a US comedian, actor, and jazz musician.

An extremely prominent figure in the world of lesbian stand-up comedy, she is noted for her raunchy persona and inflammatory, irreverent political commentary, which have proven controversial inside and outside the gay and lesbian community. Some of her comedy releases include Bulldyke in a China Shop and Box Lunch. She has also written a humorous book entitled Lea’s Book of Rules for the World. Read more...

Video with Lea Delaria

Video with Lea Delaria - Call Me

Call Me

Video with Lea Delaria - All That Jazz

All That Jazz

Video with Lea Delaria - Black Hole Sun

Black Hole Sun

Video with Lea Delaria - Hot Patootie

Hot Patootie

Albums by Lea Delaria

Lea Delaria - Double Standards

Double Standards

Lea Delaria - The Live Smoke Sessions

The Live Smoke Sessions

Lea Delaria - Be a Santa

Be a Santa

Lea Delaria - Alien Left Hand

Alien Left Hand