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Plano, Texas, U.S. (2005 – present)
Kevin Michael McHale born, June 14, 1988 (in Plano, Texas, U.S.) is an American actor and pop singer. Formerly of boy band NLT, McHale is best known for his recent role as Artie Abrams in the Fox hit television series Glee.McHale was born in Plano, Texas. Before becoming an actor, McHale joined an American Boy Group, NLT, which is short for “Not Like Them”. The R&B group was discovered by Chris Stokes. On March 13, 2007 they released their first single “That Girl”. The band had a guest appearance in Bratz: The Movie. Read more...

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Video with Kevin Mchale - Dancing With Myself

Dancing With Myself

Video with Kevin Mchale - Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream

Video with Kevin Mchale - Safety Dance

Safety Dance

Video with Kevin Mchale - Stronger


Video with Kevin Mchale - Never Going Back Again

Never Going Back Again