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Custom (also known as Duane Lavold) is a Canadian-born, New York-based rock musician best known for his song “Hey Mister”.

Minor controversy erupted when the music video for the song “Hey Mister” was banned from MTV. The video follows a young woman as she frolicks on the beach, hangs out with the singer, and goes shopping. Despite the lack of sexually explicit visuals, the video was banned, the MTV Standards and Practices division felt that it was “pedophilic and offensive to women” (despite the fact that the actress was 22 at the time). Read more...

Video with Custom

Video with Custom - Hey Mister

Hey Mister

Video with Custom - Beat Me

Beat Me

Video with Custom - Morning Spank

Morning Spank

Video with Custom - Crawl


Video with Custom - Like You

Like You

Video with Custom - One Day

One Day

Albums by Custom

Custom - Beat Lineage Vol. 001

Beat Lineage Vol. 001

Custom - Lady Bug Invasion - EP

Lady Bug Invasion - EP